Way of the Cross Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church which was founded on September 21, 2008, located in Winchester, Tennessee. Please read  our "CHURCH COVENANT" and "WHAT WE BELIEVE" for more information.

Would you like to spend eternity in Heaven but aren't sure how to be saved? Read "HOW TO BE SAVED" below for the Roman's Road to Salvation.

Our Church Covenant outlines our beliefs in how we should live, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, walking together in Christian love to support the church and help spread the gospel. 

What we believe is broken down into easy to read categories including our beliefs about God, The Bible, Trinity, Christ, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Baptism, and Church Ordinances.

The Bible says we will spend eternity in one of two places, the choice is ours. One choice leads to eternal joy in Heaven while the other choice leads to eternal punishment in Hell.
Which choice will you make? 


Bro. Rudy Wilkinson was saved in April, 1974. He surrendered to preach in September, 1989. Bro. Rudy was assistant pastor to Bro. Auburn Martin from 1990 until 1993. He began pastoring in March 1994 and was at Broadview Baptist Church until September, 2008, at which time he started Way of the Cross Baptist Church.

"I praise God for the wonderful church He has blessed me with. God is good, all the time!" -----Bro. Rudy Wilkinson